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The Big Beach Clean

Last week Contract Candles & Diffusers embarked on our very first beach clean. It was a fantastic day for all our employees who volunteered their time to head down to Selsey East Beach located in West Sussex. In cooperation with Chichester District Council, we scoured the beach and surrounding areas for litter.

With our 35 team members who volunteered their time, we managed to collect 7 very full bags of litter. That equates to one clean beach and some incredibly happy residents that were grateful for our efforts. This was a wonderful day for our team, whilst enjoying an afternoon in the sun, we all embraced the shared effort to make a real difference for our local community and environment.

This is only the beginning, more clean-up events to follow in line with our sustainability mission. If you know of a local area that needs a tidy-up, please comment below and we will see if we can be of assistance for our next big clean-up event.

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