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The Power Of The Sun

Solar power is the gift that keeps on giving, it’s the main source of power that keeps all the Earths ecosystems going. It provides trees with the energy to turn Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen and the sun will burn long after we have all gone. So, if nature can harness this amazing source of energy why don’t we? Contract Candles and Diffusers have now got planning permission to install solar panels at our Fernhurst site. These panels will pick up the sun's amazing power and convert them into electricity. We are hopeful that we can harness 50-60 % of our electrical needs from the solar panels for the site. This not only reduces our dependence on the National Grid for electricity, but also allows us to feed back any surplus electricity generated to the Grid. This will help us to be more self-sufficient and reduce our Carbon Footprint in line with our sustainability goals.

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