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Experts in luxury scented candles & diffusers

Known for our expertise in the British-made luxury home fragrance market, we have recently evolved into manufacturing a variety of other products tailored to our clients needs.  With the growing market appetite for other products, we have become specialists in producing a wide array of bespoke luxury home fragrance products, including botanicals and many more.  

Waxes & Wicks 

Developed over many years by a leading candle wax manufacturer, our wax has a proven reputation as the market leader for producing high-end quality products. Our most common wax is a mineral wax which is specially sourced from Europe. This is used in all our mineral wax candles as it gives the optimum burn performance and fragrance release. Our mineral wax blend is refined to the highest possible standards of purity and is not hazardous to health, nor does it pose any adverse effects to the environment.

For clients wanting a natural candle, we offer a variety of natural waxes including soy, rapeseed & beeswax. To meet the demand of the vegan market, we also have a natural blend suitable for these specific requirements.

We have over 300 wicks to choose from; each are handpicked by our Research & Development team to give the optimum burn performance. All our wicks are made from cotton and are lead free.

Quality Committed

At Contract Candles & Diffusers Ltd we place great importance on the quality of our service we give to our clients. We are certified against ISO 9001:2015 for the provision of design, development, manufacture, packaging and repackaging services of candles and reed diffuser products to meet own label and client specifications. Packing and repackaging of customer supplied cosmetic products. This certification helps us in exceeding customer expectations and delivering excellent customer service. Working with some of the biggest luxury brands in the world, quality is second nature to us; we produce all our candles on site where they are hand poured to the highest quality standards and delivered on time to the customer. Quality checks are performed during production and packing to ensure the rigorous attention to detail is maintained throughout. 

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