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Every wondered how our reed diffusers are developed?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Well let us tell you!

When developing a reed diffuser, choosing the right base carrier is just as important as choosing the right wax blend for a scented candle. We want to make sure the diffusion rate is closely controlled. Too fast and the scent may become overpowering, whilst the diffuser liquid will be consumed more quickly. Too slow and the diffuser will produce a weak scent with slow liquid consumption.

Then there is the choice of reeds as these play a huge part in the diffusion of the fragrance. The most common options are fibre or rattan reeds, both offering a good diffusion rate, but with different benefits. We also need to decide on the number of reeds as this is directly proportional to the rate of diffusion, the more reeds the faster the rate!

Once the base and reeds have been chosen, our Research & Development team monitor the fragrance throw and diffusion rate to ensure we have picked the perfect combination.

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