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Our Journey

Contract Candles & Diffusers started their sustainability journey several years ago with a number of ‘small win’ projects. After a period of significant business growth and the challenges of the pandemic the development of a comprehensive cohesive sustainability strategy for the organisation got underway. A sustainability committee has been formed and together the group identified three core pillars around social, environmental and governance. The first step in the development of the strategy was a mapping exercise of sustainability issues onto the business activities identified within the scope of the strategy. These issues are then prioritised and used to formulate a set of objectives, targets, KPIs and the action plan. Through identifying the significant issues and through our internal sustainability working group, we have identified three spheres of sustainability which we feel we can impact on and we have aligned 10 of the UN Sustainable goals to those spheres of activity; These are:


  1. Our Environment We have two manufacturing businesses within the group, a retail outlet and a facilities management company. These businesses to a varying degree generate a significant carbon footprint. We are committing to reduce that footprint and support the change to clean energy solutions.

  2. As a group we have many suppliers from all over the globe. As a responsible manufacturer we need to take ownership of the sustainability of our supplier’s actions. We are also looking into the positive impact our businesses can have on their local communities.

  3. We are looking to create a safe, inclusive and satisfying working environment with opportunities for everyone to thrive.


CC&D are committed to achieving sustainability goals using the Ecovadis rating system to track progress and carrying out a carbon assessment across scope 1, 2 and 3 to assess our environmental impact. Below tracks our Ecovadis scores over the past few years and we are proud to have been award a Gold medal in 2023 for our sustainability work, placing us in the top 3% of companies who apply to Ecovadis. 

Ecovadis journey 2023.JPG

Our Commitment

Founded in 1997, Contract Candles and Diffusers (CC&D) are a family run business committed to our customers, employees and future generations. We are passionate about service and quality. Our mission is to continue to use our knowledge and experience to produce the finest products for leading luxury brands while recognising our responsibilities to future generations. Our sustainability commitment covers all our operational activities and the products we manufacture. Sustainability for CC&D is underpinned by our values, ensuring our processes not only deliver high quality beautiful products and client satisfaction but a lasting positive impact on people and the planet. These values commit us to authenticity, inclusivity and stewardship across our business, our people and the planet. 


Our sustainability objectives commit us to:

• being a recognised leading sustainability business, adding value to clients and their customers through our sustainability commitment

• creating a safe, inclusive, satisfying working environment for all employees

• ensuring our operations and products leave a lasting positive impact on the environment


We will embed our sustainability commitments across our business achieving recognised high standards of sustainability. We are committed to compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations and adopting voluntary codes of best practice and will continue to improve our management processes to achieve this. We will work with our employees, contractors, clients, and suppliers to ensure that this policy, its aims and objectives underpin our culture moving forward.


Please see the links below to our 2022 & 2023 Annual Sustainability Reports.

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